On 4 December 2017, DOOK S.A. made its debut on NewConnect. It is a 50th company for which INC S.A. was the Authorized Adviser on NewConnect market.

Debut of Dook S. A. was successful. The price of the company’s shares on the first trading day increased by 19 per cent to PLN 3.81. Before 13 p. m. the price of one share increased to PLN 3.99.

After Dook S.A.’s debut in the Warsaw Stock Exchange session room, the official INC S.A. banquet ceremony started to celebrate the 50th debut on NewConnect as Authorised Adviser. The President of INC S.A., Paweł Śliwiński outlined the company’s history and talked about plans for the future. He also presented a new information service concerning future INC projects on the way to the capital market – financialzone.pl.

In the second place, the company’s vice-president and chairman of the INC Rating appeared on stage, bringing together various areas of activity of the entire INC capital group.

Next, the representatives of issuers and institutions related to the capital market received statuettes for years of cooperation on development of the NewConnect Market.

The statuettes were handed over to the following persons:

Jacek Fotek – Vice President of the WSE Management Board,

Sławomir Panasiuk – Vice President of the Management Board of KDPW,

Agnieszka Góral – Deputy Director of the WSE Issuing Department,

Małgorzata Skoczylas – Head of the Issuing Party at KDPW,

Dmitry Żatuchin as the representative of the issuers, President of the Management Board of DOOK S. A.

Another debut, being the 51st introduction to trading for INC S. A. will take place only two days after the IPO of DOOK S. A. Next Company to debut on NewConnect market is Govena Lighting.

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