On 19 February, 2015, in the foyer of New House of Deputies, was opened the exhibition witch presents the project „Muzyczne Rodowody Litwa”. The exhibition was opened by Mr. Radosław Sikorski, Speaker of the Polish Parliament. In the event participated Eugeniusz Grzeszczak and Elżbieta Radziszewska. One of the speakers at the opening was also Mr. Andrzej Klesyk, the president of PZU S.A, which was a patron of the event. The representatives of the Presidium of the Sejm and the people involved in the project ”Muzyczne Rodowody” received a memorial albums „Muzyczne Rodowody Litwa”. The parliamentarians and invited guests had the opportunity to see an exhibition of Polish music scene in Vilnius, and listen to artists such as: Jan Maksymowicz, Jańka z Wilna and the band Kite Art. „Muzyczne Rodowody Litwa” is the first of a series of albums “Muzyczne Rodowody”, issued by the INC East & West and co-financed by the Polish Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. “Muzyczne Rodowody”, show previously unknown face of Polonia and Poles Abroad.

Through the project we prove that Polish culture is an important part of world culture and that Polonia and Poles Abroad create contemporary and popular culture at the highest level. INC East&West is a non-profit company established by INC S.A. for the realization of the idea of corporate social responsibility. In the area of special interest INC East&West is the promotion of the historical issues and citizenship, strengthening ties with Poland and Poles Abroad, as well as building partnerships with societies of Central and Eastern Europe. The concert and the exhibition in the Polish Parliament were the result of cooperation INC East&West, Polish-Lithuanian Parliamentary Group and PZU S.A.

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