On 24 October 2017, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority unanimously granted  INC SA Brokerage House a permit for conducting brokerage activities within the scope referred to in Art. 69 section 2 of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority with respect to accepting and forwarding orders to buy or sell financial instruments.

Obtaining a permit allows to extend the services offered by  INC SA Brokerage House, which also holds the Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s permit of 21 February 2012 (Decision DRK/WL/4020/36/14/102/1/2012) to conduct brokerage activities in the scope of offering financial instruments.

INC SA Brokerage House offers comprehensive services within the scope of primary and secondary issues of public and private securities (initial Public Offering, Secondary Public Offering) on the regulated market of the WSE, NewConnect and Catalyst. The range of services related to offering financial instruments includes, among others preparation of transaction documents, including Issue Prospectus, Information Memorandum, Information Documents and Offer Documents.

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