Carpathia Capital’s share price at the opening of the first session AeRO market was RON 3.90, and at the end was RON 5.55.

AeRO market is an alternative trading system created by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) dedicated to the segment of small and medium enterprises, companies in the early stage of development and start-up entities that search capital necessary to finance new projects, as well as the desire to increase its visibility among potential investors and contractors.Carpathia Capital is a company which is incorporated into the Group INC S.A. The company has the resources raised from under the private placement for a total amount of more than PLN 6.2 million, which could be used for future investments. The company is negotiating to make the initial investment in the Romanian entity, which can occur even in the first quarter of 2015.

Carpathia Capital S.A. operates as a venture capital / private equity in the area of Romania and in central and eastern Europe. The company will acquires shares, shareholdings and other securities issued by companies included in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises with the base in Romania which will eventually listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

During the official opening of the market Paweł Śliwiński, The President of Carpathia Capital and Group INC, said: “It’s a beautiful morning and a nice day for us, for the Carpathia, and the Bucharest Stock Exchange”. Piotr Białowąs, The Vice President of INC S.A. remarked: “It’s hard for me to believe that on 25 February is already spring. But in fact spring came already for entrepreneurs, investors and the Romanian capital market”.

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