Presentation of the unique musical project commemorating the Wielkopolska Uprising – We Can Win!, handing the record to the President of Poland, a speech given by the President of INC – Paweł Śliwiński – in the Column Hall of the Presidential Palace and the opening ceremony of a multimedia exhibition We Can Win! on Krakowskie Przedmieście – so in a nutshell was a course of the ceremony organised thanks to our Company and the musical project “We Can Win!” on 20th December in the Presidential Palace.

We Can Win! – the Wielkopolska Uprising is a project which originator and patron is INC. The publisher of the record is Fabryka Zespołów. The record commemorating the Wielkopolska Uprising was released in 2011. On the 95th anniversary of the uprising outbreak, due to our initiative along with the publisher, one of the most important part of the national commemoration of this event was organised. Together with Fabryka Zespołów we have arranged a multimedia exhibition (based on the record), which was presented between 20th and 28th of December in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. At the opening of this event a copy of the record was handed to the President of Poland – Bronisław Komorowski. Members of the President’s Cabinet, representatives of the Supreme Local Government Authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the ceremony.

Thanks to the We Can Win! exhibition, the memory about the Wielkopolska Uprising reaches a wider audience. It is a journey into the region’s past depicted with the music – said Paweł Śliwiński – This project was created to build our national memory, especially on the positive patterns. These are the memories of glory and positive examples that should reside in our minds – he said.

We Can Win! is the first project in the history which was appreciated by the highest authorities in Poland and used to promote the memory of one of the most important dates of Polish history.

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